Fearless Guide

Marla is a fearless guide. She is both fierce and tender in her delivery. Whether she’s sharing structured curriculum or holding space for personal and vulnerable breakthroughs, she does it with grace, inspiring authenticity and impeccability.


Transformational Soul Coach and Modern Mystic

The Energy Leadership Framework

I was introduced to coaching through Pam as a first-time supervisor about four years ago with the sponsorship of my company. During this time, our coaching sessions focused on building my first team and becoming their respected leader. The foundation of our work has been the Energy Leadership framework, which I absolutely cherish. Through the 7 Levels of Energy I developed an incredible sense of awareness to my moment-to-moment actions and emotions, which has helped me tremendously to navigate through most situations with ease. Pam is an outstanding facilitator; she has worked with my team (and my team loved having her with us) to develop various business strategies.

Anita Csoma

Unconventional Exploration Shared Services Manager, ConocoPhillips Houston

An Excellent Listener

One of the things Pam consistently reminds me is “You can’t change habits developed over decades in a couple weeks, it takes practice. Pam has a practical approach for those that want to achieve success and happiness at a different level. An excellent listener, Pam tailors the advice and exercises to each individual, mentoring through the process of understanding yourself in order to make conscious choices rather than emotional reactions. Pam has taught me things that I can build on past our sessions and continuously improve over time.

Christina Rancilio

Information Technology Leader

A Sense of Encouragement

Pam’s coaching has been a blessing to me. It is always good to hear her voice, because I know that I will feel better and be better equipped after we talk. Pam asks the right questions to lead me to actions and solutions that are helpful for my organization and for me personally. The coaching sessions and materials provide concrete tools that I use in determining the best ways to work with people. Additionally, there is a sense of encouragement that I’m left with after coaching sessions with Pam. I have come to value her guidance.

Karen Blessen

Founder and President, 29 Pieces (www.29Pieces.org)

The Result is Clarity

Working with Pam over the last nine months has been a unique and wonderful experience. She is a consummate professional, bringing much to the table as an Executive Coach, whom I will be affiliated with for the remainder of my professional career. Pam is “. The result is clarity, performance and progress — individually and on the corporate level. Any business with acute leadership in place needs to be aware that working with Pam will release even greater achievement on many levels, known or unknown.

Chris Magdelain

Principal & Executive Design Strategist, Magdesign (www.magdesign.com)

Walk the Walk

I have had the pleasure of working with Pam for over 8 months. Since the moment I had the opportunity to be coached by her, I have been impressed. Pamela not only has the experience and knowledge about what it takes to be a successful leader in an organization but she also walks the walk. She is an amazing leader and coach. Through her I have learned how to be a better leader and how to take my business to the next level. I would recommend Pam to any executive who wants to improve their organization and increase their bottom-line.


Founder and President, Neverest Solutions

Unspoken Dreams

Marla has a unique gift for creating sacred space that allows you to get in touch with your deepest longings, unspoken dreams, and emotional blocks that get in the way of creating the life you desire. Her workshops and coaching style are the perfect balance of rigor, personal inquiry, creativity, and play.

JLove Calderón

Conscious TV/ Film creator, Producer, Director, Co-Founder & CEO of JLove & M1 Productions, LLC

Filled with loving Intention

Marla is a powerful, loving, creative force. Her work with clients is filled with loving intention, creating a safe space for participants to reflect and move past the boundaries they don’t need anymore. An inspirational and inspiring force indeed!

Jennifer Cendaña Armas

Performer, Writer, Educator

Our Life's Journey

I’ve participated in Marla’s women’s empowerment retreat and worked with her as my personal life coach for almost a year. Being part of the retreat was a powerful experience, Marla put together a program which was able to reach our group of women wherever we were in our life’s journey. The exercises helped us bond with one another quickly & in a real way allowing us to be free to share in small groups to assess our personal challenges and create paths to real change for ourselves. The inner growth I experienced and witnessed from the other women was real and tangible.

I truly enjoyed the time that I worked with Marla as my life coach, her approach to this work was one that was very empowering for me. The homework assignments were very thoughtful and pushed me to move passed some long held limiting beliefs. On our calls she asked the important questions for me to come up with the solutions I was looking for to was going on in my life at the time. She’s relatable, patient, compassionate & extremely insightful. As I write this and I’m reminded of the work I’ve done with Marla it makes me want to participate in another one of her programs!

Cheryl Browne

Mother, entrepreneur, co- owner Duende Natural, owner Urban Permie

Honesty and Authenticity

Pamela… is capable of shifting her client’s energy to a creative, productive place where clients can begin to see their lives more clearly to take effective action. Pamela establishes a trusting and safe coaching relationship through her personal integrity, honesty and authenticity, allowing her clients to easily have confidence in her abilities as a coach. She supports and empowers her clients to set goals and create action plans and then holds them accountable for accomplishing these goals at a pace that is right for each client.

Stephanie Marisca


A Special Combination

I trust Pam and the internal integrity she brings to coaching. Working with her has been a powerfully transformational experience, as I have been moving through several major life transitions. I’ve known her for years and feel confidence in both her professional background and personal qualities. She posses a special combination of quiet presence, authority, and a sense of humor that immediately makes one feel at ease. I am excited about how my life and the world can change in response to collaborating with her as a coach.

Rebecca Carter

Artist - www.RebeccaCarter.org

Empowering Women. Igniting Change.

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